Attention Female Coaches…
Do you love coaching, know you’re amazing at it, but also…. making far too little money in your business? 

 Are you ready for your INCOME to finally align with your potential?

Is your Husband fed up? Are you running out of “reasons” to tell him why you STILL haven’t replaced your former income… yet?

Do you feel like an under-performer — perhaps for the first time in your life — and you just can’t figure out how people are making money coaching?
Then you’re in the right place… I work specifically to help you make a living doing what you love and the world needs: coaching.
Join us on December 7th for the 2nd Annual Entrepreneurs Success Summit as we break through all the clutter and the noise and teach you exactly how to FINALLY make money in your business as a coach.

We will show you how to…
CREATE… clients and CASH!
AUTOMATE… those routine tasks so you can enjoy the life you’re creating!
IMPLEMENT… the Roadmap to Profits and your biggest dreams!

We are the 1st and only live summit teaching female life coaches how to make a living in their coaching business. 

We are going to pull back the curtain on the business of coaching…

Coaches are business owners and business owners need MORE CUSTOMERS!

Business owners need MORE CASH FLOW to succeed in business!

This year's theme for the Entrepreneurs Success Summit is 
"Roadmap to Profits"!

I promise you…no stone will be left unturned. We’re going to spill all the tea and the golden nuggets you’ve been searching for.

Join The Dynamic Duo To Create, Automate, and Implement 3 Key Systems With The Roadmap To Profits!
Valerie Priester
Host & Event Producer
Business & Life Strategist
Learn from THE "Business Coach for Life Coaches", THE "Mindset Lady", all the tools, techniques and strategies that she has used over the last 10 + years to create a profitable coaching practice. She will spill the beans, no secrets held back!
Samantha Pointer,
Automation Strategist of Samantha Pointer Enterprises
Entrepreneurship can be difficult enough, running your business in manual drive can make it even worst. Automation is the key to designing an efficient business that practically runs on auto-pilot. You will learn how to automate the three key systems we will teach on during the intensive.
I enjoy a thriving, robust coaching practice with 30 – 40 paying clients each month.

I have been full-time in my business for over 7 years. I own my time and I enjoy quality time with my husband while running a profitable business.

But this hasn’t always been the case.

You see I remember when I promised my husband I would make a lot of money in my coaching business.

I also remember the shame I felt when year after year my business was losing money. I had …

                       … no real clients
                   … no real income
              ... no real business

What came next was frustration, stress and strain on our relationship…

I felt like a failure…I felt like I had let my main man down…my confidence took a major hit…


I just wanted to bury my head in the sand and quit!

I don’t want that for you.

I know that you’re capable of stepping into your calling to help others. 

I know that you’re smart, confident, and equipped to be a successful coach. 

I also know that if you were given the right tools, techniques, training, and support…you would create the business and life you desire.

That’s why you must be one of the 25 attendees in the room at the Entrepreneurs Success Summit on December 7th.
“Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Attend the Entrepreneurs Success Summit”
We’re going to address the 2 major things that’s keeping most life coaches from the success they desire.

What are they?

Marketing and Technology!

At the Entrepreneurs Success Summit, you’ll experience…

Private. Hands-on. Intense. High-level. Training … to overcome your lack of marketing strategies and techniques AND to eliminate your fears of technology.

No Hype! No holding back the goods. Actionable steps that move you forward.


A place to build meaningful connections and valuable relationships.

An event that fills the gaps in the journey to building a profitable coaching business.

… that means

It's THE place where you will get the work done, once and for all!

Are you ready to take inspired action?

I’m Ready to Take Action!

Use Code: ESSTRIBE And Save $80 Now!

Expires on Friday, 12/6th

Imagine yourself going from completely stuck to generating real profits in your business.

Imagine what your life would look like with an extra $3k, $5k, $10k into your bank account every month.

What would that look like for you?

What decisions would you make differently?

Would you get out of debt?
Would you send your kids to private school?
Take a dream vacation?
Help you aging parents?

How would YOUR life change?

You can keep trying to figure it all out on your own


If you know you need help...If you want direction

I invite you to join us on December 7th at the Entrepreneurs Success Summit!
Secure your seat now for only…
Use Code: ESSTRIBE And Save $80 Now!

Expires on Friday, 12/6th

December 7, 2019
8 am - 5 pm

Courtyard by Marriott
1306 Greshampark Drive
Murfreesboro, TN

Full-Day Training Intensive

Private. Hands-on. Intense. High-level.

Exclusively for 25 Entrepreneurs

ESS Pro Workbook

Hands-on work with expert Trainers/Teachers

Lunch Provided


If you act now, you’ll be able to attend the Entrepreneurs Success Summit and have an opportunity to win one of the amazing Giveaways designed to help you grow your PROFITABLE coaching business!
December 7, 2019 is the date! 
We're ready for you to succeed in business!

Are you ready?

Use Code: ESSTRIBE And Save $80 Now!

Expires on Friday, 12/6th

A note from the Host
I am super excited to host my 2nd Annual Entrepreneurs Success Summit and my 3rd annual live event. 
Last year we focused on several different areas of business to help entrepreneurs start and grow existing businesses. This year we're going to go old school workshop style. We're breaking the status quo of conferences and summits. We want to get you into implementation mode.

It is my passion and desire to help as many female coaches reach their true potential so they can impact the world and MAKE MONEY while doing it.

I have been in the coaching industry for almost a decade. I can truly say that living in my purpose is the most rewarding when I can help others succeed. Allow me and my super amazing "Tech Girl" to help you Create, Automate, and Implement as you utilize the Roadmap to Profits. 

I am so looking forward to meeting you at the event. What better way to end the year than with you, a community of high-level achievers.

Remember, Designing Your Victory is a Choice,
Start Today!

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Jamiku Gee, Owner

Meet Jamiku Gee of Load Off Consulting. Jamiku has a professional background in analytics and managing projects. In addition to this, she has a knack for helping others achieve goals. 

Load Off Consulting is a Virtual Assistant business created to assist online & brick and mortar businesses. Their goal is for you to focus on the business while allowing them to focus on the daily tasks.

Impact Business Institute

Lashana N. Williams

Lashana N. Williams, MBA is the CEO of Impact Business Institute. 

Combining tried-and-tested training methods with a focus on personal accountability and authenticity, Lashana offers a non-judgmental outlet for employees at all levels to explore their unique experiences – then translate them into real results. This collaborative process enables them to develop areas of expertise and untapped potential, while addressing possible blind spots.
Lashana also works with high-performing professionals who are contemplating pursuit of an entrepreneurship journey, helping them to first explore and develop their most valuable skill sets, hone their leadership abilities, and map out a clear path forward to both profit and personal fulfillment.  

Be Ye Transformed Network

Jill Bulluck

Jill Bulluck is a Christian Dating Coach and Healthy Happy Love Expert™ that helps women become the best version of themselves by reinventing their identity and showing up as their true authentic self and founder of Detour Movement Inc. Jill prepares and positions women for healthy happy love. As a result of the work she does, women break free from unhealthy relationships, healthy happy love, gain confidence and boldness to attract and keep healthy happy love. She is trained in conflict resolution and a certified mentor/mentee coach.
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